We support

Elterninitative Herzkranker Kinder e.V.

At the present time, more than 200,000 Germans suffer from congenital heart defects, around 80,000 of them are children and adolescents. Though modern high-technology medicine allows about 85 % of all children suffering from heart diseases to reach adulthood, medical technological progress is only one aspect. Savings in the german health-care system make the situation more difficult for persons concerned, physicians and nursing staff. Since several years, EPflex has supported multiple projects by the “Elterninitiative Herzkranker Kinder” instead of giving Christmas presents to clients and business partners.

TSV Dettingen/Erms

The football department of the TSV Dettingen with its about 330 members has to deal with high administrative effort and also a high financial burden: fees and duties to organizations, insurances, municipal fees, energy costs, cleaning costs, expense allowances for trainers, travel expenses for players, transfer fees, training equipment, jerseys, jersey washing….
EPflex supports the TSV in order to engage actively in youth work.

Hofbühlmusikanten - Musikverein Neuhausen-Erms e.V.

The brass band currently consists of over 50 active musicians of all ages.
The “Hofbühlmusikanten” play traditional as well as modern and symphonic music for wind at the highest stage which finds expression in having success in several contests. But what would a brass band be without young people? It would run out of musicians. Therefore, the “Hofbühlmusikanten” have been extending youth work since years.
EPflex supports this brass band actively.